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Hydrocephalus 2024 Meeting

The 16th Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society


13 – 16  September 2024

Nagoya, Japan

Meeting President’s Welcome Address

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to host Hydrocephalus 2024 in Nagoya, Japan, the 16th Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society. It will take place between 13-16 September 2024.

Nagoya is located in the center of Japan, between Tokyo and Kyoto, and is now one of the biggest industrial cities in Japan. Despite being a business hub, Nagoya maintains a strong historical vibe due to the many famous Samurai being there active in Early Edo period (17th century). You can enjoy many historical and traditional treasures and structures.

From basic science to the latest clinical developments, we are preparing a groundbreaking program with exciting yet controversial topics in adult and pediatric hydrocephalus. State-of-the-art image and motion analysis will also be a focus. During the decade, enormous data and evidence have been accumulated in hydrocephalus and CSF physiology. Especially, physiology and dynamics of Neurofluid, (which is the new coined word, meaning all fluids in the central nervous system such as blood, extra- and intra-cellular fluids, and CSF) is an arising very hot topic, requiring a lot of research and collaboration.

In Japan, we believe that “good patient treatment” is not just a matter of recommending a treatment based on what the medical staff thinks is best, but merely a treatment that aims to patients being happy and able to contribute to the improvement of the general quality of life in their communities.

We look forward to welcoming clinicians in neurosurgery, neurology, pediatrics, radiology, geriatrics, and psychiatry, basic scientists, engineers, nurses, therapists, technicians, neuropsychologists, patient advocates, and others with an interest in hydrocephalus.

We will do our best to organize an exciting, enjoyable, high-quality, and unforgettable conference in Nagoya.

The success of the conference largely depends on your participation! We invite you to the 16th Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society in September 2024 in Nagoya, Japan. Please join us!

Sincerely yours,


Mitsuhito Mase

Hydrocephalus 2024 President

Hydrocephalus Society President’s Welcome Address

Dear Colleagues & Friends,
It is my honour and deep pleasure to welcome you to Nagoya, Japan for the 16th Annual Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society (The International Society for Hydrocephalus and Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders).
The Hydrocephalus Society was formed in 2007 with a goal to create an International Society that addressed the entire field of hydrocephalus. During these past 17 years, the Society has grown, engaging clinicians and scientists all over the world, and is increasingly involved in different activities including the educational Global Webinar Series presently running its third season. Our Society has worked with the Society Secretariat (Artion) since late 2015 for management of both Society affairs and the Annual Meeting. Fluids and Barriers of the CNS is the official journal of the Hydrocephalus Society and now has an impact factor of 7.3. Over the years, we have witnessed significant progress with our understanding of what hydrocephalus is and does to children and adults and how to improve the care of patients with hydrocephalus.
The peak of the year is the Annual World Meeting bringing together experts within the field for a few intense days of sharing of scientific results and new developments and networking to foster collaboration. The Young Investigators Award abstract presentations have become a crown jewel of the meeting and our annual Keynote speakers are exceptional world experts.
We are very grateful to our host and meeting president Prof. Mitsuhito Mase and his entire team, to our secretariat Artion and to all people who have contributed to this conference. This year, we have prepared a very exciting scientific program that covers the new developments in different areas of adult and paediatric hydrocephalus and related disorders including both clinical and experimental research. Our Keynote speakers will be very exciting, I can assure you. However, to make the conference a real success, we need your participation, your input, your discussions, and your contributions. We thank you for making this conference a special, fruitful, and inspiring event.
On behalf of the Hydrocephalus Society, I wish you some great days in the lovely city of Nagoya and hope you will take many new insights and enjoyable memories back home.
Let’s meet in Nagoya in September!


Mats Tullberg, Professor

President of the Hydrocephalus Society

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